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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationActive MembersVacancies
Allied Arts Board Boards or CommissionRoom B-7, Lower Level  
Beautification, Landscape and Tree Committee CommitteePublic Works Conference Rm, First Floor3 
Children's Needs Task Force Task ForceRoom B-8, Lower Level5 
Citizen’s Infrastructure Advisory Board Boards or CommissionUtilities Yard6 
Citizens Participation Advisory Board Boards or CommissionRoom B-8, Lower Level6 
City Council/Public Financing Authority Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers7 
Communications Committee CommitteeConference Room 1, 4th Floor3 
Community Services Commission Boards or CommissionCouncil Chambers, Lower Level7 
Design Review Board Boards or CommissionRoom B-8, Lower Level4 
Downtown Economic Development Committee Area CommitteeRoom B-8, Lower Level3 
Economic Development Committee CommitteeConference Room 2, Fourth Floor3 
Environmental Assessment Committee Committee 3 
Environmental Board Boards or CommissionRoom B, Central Library3 
Finance Commission Boards or CommissionRoom B-8, Lower Level7 
Fourth of July Board Boards or CommissionRoom B-8, Lower Level  
Harbor Commission Boards or CommissionRoom B7, Lower Level7 
Historic Resources Board Boards or CommissionRoom B-7, Lower Level5 
Human Relations Task Force Task ForceMeeting Room B6 
Huntington Beach Housing Authority Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers6 
Huntington Central Park Committee CommitteeRoom B-8, Lower Level2 
Intergovernmental Relations Committee CommitteeFourth Floor, Conference Room #23 
Investment Advisory Board Boards or CommissionRoom B-7, Lower Level7 
Jet Noise Commission Boards or CommissionCentral Library, Rooms C/D7 
Library Board Boards or CommissionAdministrative Conference Room4 
Mobile Home Advisory Board Boards or CommissionRoom B-8, Lower Level5 
Oak View Task Force Task ForceOak View Elementary School, Room 26  
Oversight Board of the Successor Agency of the Former City of Huntington Beach Redevelopment Agency Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers7 
Park Acquisition & Development Committee CommitteeRoom B-7, Lower Level4 
Park Naming & Memorials Committee CommitteeRoom B-7, Lower Level3 
Personnel Commission Boards or CommissionRoom B8, Lower Level5 
Planning Commission Planning CommissionCouncil Chambers7 
Playground Equipment & Park Maintenance Committee CommitteeRoom B-8, Lower Level4 
Public Works Commission Boards or CommissionUtilities Yard6 
Southeast Area Council Committee Area CommitteeRoom B-8, Lower Level3 
Special Interest Committee Committee 3 
Subdivision Committee Committee   
Sunset Beach Committee Area CommitteeRoom B7, Lower Level  
Sunset Beach Local Coastal Program Review Board Boards or CommissionNobles Family Community Center9 
Supplemental Retirement Plan & Trust Board Boards or CommissionConference Room 1, 4th Floor6 
West Orange County Water Board Boards or CommissionUtilities Yard, Administration Building Conference Room5 
Youth Board Boards or CommissionConfernce Room, 5th Floor  
Youth Sports Grant Committee CommitteeRoom B-8, Lower Level3 
Zoning Administrator Boards or CommissionRoom B-8, Lower Level